LIMITED SPACE: Request Your Application - Offer Open to Serious Real Estate Professionals Only
Limited OPPORTUNITY to join
"The $12 Billion Dollar 
Round Table"
This is your invitation to apply to the 
real estate industry's most successful private group of multifamily professionals
ever assembled.
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Proximity is power my friend, and being in a room full of like minded, goal-oriented professionals is a proven

The Multifamily Boardroom is an ELITE group of highly driven individuals who are CRUSHING the multifamily real estate space. 

Multifamily Real Estate is a TEAM SPORT. You can not do it alone. That's why I've put together the most exclusive group of individuals in this industry. 

Virtually each Boardroom Member has a significant real estate portfolio and expertise.

If you are looking to grow your multifamily portfolio in 2020, YOU MUST JOIN US.

The Multifamily Boardroom is open to individuals who are wanting to grow, have a mindset to give, and a deep desire to learn. 

Have you ever wondered why some operators struggle to get to the next level (fighting every step of the way) and some just seem to grow exponentially with seeming little to no effort? 

It's simple really, those that are struggling or don't have a system, a network, or a support team. 

Those who dominate the multifamily space have a system that's repeatable, a network of resources and a 24/7/365 support team that has seen it all (been there and done that).

Why did I put this group of consummate professionals together? I wanted to leverage my extensive contact list to create the most powerful group in the real estate industry. Frankly, I believe I've done just that.

As a group, the Multifamily Boardroom members have over $7 Billion in assets. We've expanded our portfolios at an incredible pace and done numerous deals with each other.

Here's some of what you can expect to gain from a typical meeting. 

  • How to grow your management team quickly
  •  How to significantly reduce marketing costs
  • Managing your management team
  •  When to bring management in-house
  •  Where to get renovation materials below wholesale
  •  Wealth management 
  •  Multiple revenue streams per facility
  •  Market evaluation and deal structures
  •  Where the HOTTEST MARKETS are right now
  •  Additional asset classes that are about to explode
  •  The Number One relationship you MUST develop
  •  Deals financed quicker and with less headache
And the advantages of this kind of proximity extend far beyond the boardroom - you'll make lifelong friends and partners.

Rod Khleif
Chairman of the Boardroom
Some of you may know me from my podcast Lifetime Cash Flow through Real Estate Investing. It's the #1 podcast for multifamily real estate with over 9 million downloads and an international audience. 

You may have even read my book on multifamily real estate How to Create Lifetime  Cash Flow Through Multifamily Properties.

I've owned and managed over 2,000 properties over my career, and we're buying properties even in this market cycle. 

I've had a many "Seminars" in my lifetime that have taught me the value of relationships, hard work, a positive mental attitude, and surrounding yourself with the best.

That's why I put this powerful group of my friends together. We work, learn and play All Out. We share what's working in our business and give that freely to each other. We also share what's NOT working and get invaluable advice from the "Hive Mind" that is born out of this incredible group.

Would YOU be a good fit for this group? If you made it this far, I know you are at least curious. Here's how to tell if you are ready to join us.

1. You are a lifelong learner
2. You love to give back freely and help others
3. You are committed to growing your business
4. You have a positive mental outlook

If this sounds like you, I'd like you to fill out an application and see if there's a fit. 

Unfortunately, not everyone who applies can get a seat at the table. Some are just not ready and frankly, I'd be doing the group a huge disservice if I let any Tom, Dick or Mary in. 

So if you are ready to grow exponentially, make lifelong friends, surround yourself with the best in the industry and feel you can raise the temperature of our group, then I definitely want to talk to you. 

I'm excited for you!

What You Can Expect From a Multifamily Boardroom Experience
West Palm Beach, Florida
San Diego, California

A lot of people want to know "What's it like to be in a mastermind group full of high-powered real-estate Players?"

I hope you can tell by the pictures that, first and foremost, it's fun! We all LOVE what we do and it oozes out of our pores. 

Secondly, I've never been in a room so full of givers. Everyone wants to help and has a lot of solid, actionable advice. Advice that can put an extra comma in your bottom line!

Typically, each member gets to share his or her best practices, as well as what they need help with, or what projects they have on deck. 

There are no wrong questions and no one is "above" another. We are ALL here to learn, and learn we do.

We've had special guests like Chris Voss, best selling author of Never Split the Difference. We have had experts like Matthew Easton share their niche secrets. Each event is unique and tailored to the current trends in the industry.

We're heads down and honing our skills. At the end of the day, we break bread together and feast at an exotic location. The best part? We make lifelong friends, partners, and confidants. You will walk away with a Billion Dollar Rolodex.
Watch Matt Easton Interview
 Rod Khleif About the Power of Proximity

 Make sure your sound is turned on! (also please wait up to 10 seconds for the video to load.)

Some of the Rock Stars You Will Get to Work With...

Kevin B.
4200 Doors
Powell C.
1000+ Doors
Timothy B.
4005 Doors GP
Ed M.
1400+ GP/LP, 600 Under Contract 
Jeff G.
1000+ Doors GP

Jesse W.
4,000+ Doors
Brian B.
 Purchased Over 2,000 Doors - Raised Over 80M
Katherine F.
Adds 1,000 New Investors Every Month

Kevin D.
Over 1,000 + Doors - 100,000 SqFt Retail
Maureen & Kaitlyn M.
3000 + Doors
Brian M.
7000 Doors
Ted M.
Over 1,000 doors
Kenny W.
2,374 + Doors - 578 Under Contract
Dr. Thomas B.
Approx. 2000 Doors
Next Multifamily Boardroom Mastermind Event
April 15th & 16th, 2021
Sarasota, Florida
Join us and other successful Multifamily Owners!
Adam W.
Approx. 1,000 Doors
Feras M.
1700 Doors
Adam A.
620 Doors
Adam B.
1405 Doors
Ben S.
1600+ Doors
Joseph G.
805 Doors
Steeve B.
2400 Doors
David C.
300 + Doors
Jacob B.
365 Doors
"Multifamily Real Estate is a Team Sport and There is No Better Team on The Planet."
If you are happy with the money you are making and the time you spend on your business, please pass on this opportunity so someone else can have your seat. Space is limited to those real estate professionals who truly want to build their legacy wealth, have more time for their significant others, want to give back to their communities and help the next generation learn this exciting business.
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